World Bank Wraps up Meeting with Ministry of Energy on
Energy Access Project
By Lahai & Fonike
The 28th September 2017 meeting was in consonance with the presentation of findings of two weeks assessment mission on
the completion of Energy Access Project (EAP) by World Bank to the Energy Ministry which involved EGTC, DFID, EDSA  and 
In her short statement in this important wrap-up meeting, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mrs. Zainab Buya-
Kamara thanked the World Bank team and all participants and stakeholders of the project. She concluded that with the
successful completion of the Energy Access Project (EAP), the Ministry would soon commission it.
During the presentations, the World Bank Consultant, Nestor Ntungwanayo said in his remarks that he has come to the end of
his two weeks mission and thanked Government and donors notably, DFID, TTL Nash and supervising engineers for their
successful and concerted work. He continued on the positive note of the project that among other projects he had assessed
I am pleased with the completion of the Energy Access Project (EAP), he confirmed.   He acknowledged some of the
challenges discovered that directly related to Blackhall Road substation, map on sites where pre-paid meters are installed and
Capacity Building.
The Energy Minister, Amb. Henry Macualey alluded in his remarks, the importance of the project and the zone of
implementation which he considered as key in the supply of electricity and the pending CEC project. He emphasized on
capacity building wherein he noted that training young, motivated engineers should be considered in order to enhance quality
service delivery. In line with this, he urged the integration of capacity building into programs and projects as the   country
needs transformation. He said many capabilities and the IT and GIS should be developed under the Revenue Management
System and Meters (RMSM)  to identify where all the meters that have been provided by donors are installed. He
acknowledged the challenges and applauded the important lesson of how teamwork could achieve results. He ended by
congratulating all relevant stakeholders for a successful completion of the EAP.
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