Minister of Energy Commissions Transformer at
Congo Town

The Minister of Energy Amb. Henry Olufumi Macauley has commissioned the installation of a new
transformer at Congo Town, signalling the end of frequent power outage in that Community.
The Minister hailed the leadership of the President, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma who wants electricity to be
available nationwide. He also praised EDSA and hailed the cooperation he gets from the Deputy
Ministers Ismael Sengu Koroma and Hassan Barrie,  the PS Mrs Zainab Buya-Kamara,  the Chairmen
EDSA and EGTC,  Mssrs Sanussi Deen and Taylor Lewis and all Staff. The Minister pleaded with the Congo
Town Community to guard the transformer and all Government installations in their community and to
abstain from illegal abstraction of Government, and to be true partners of development with
The ceremony was anchored by the Parliamentary Representative of the Constituency 108, Dr Michel
Sho Sawyer who also expressed gratitude  to President Koroma and to the Ministry of Energy . The
Congo Town residents were ecstatic with joy at the new development of quality electricity in their
locality and praised the APC led Government of Dr Ernest Bai Koroma. In attendance was the Deputy
Minister of Information, Theo Nicol, who also resides at Congo Town.
Author: Thomas J. Bindi
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