By Lahai Kpaka
The Minster of Energy, Amb. Henry Macauley alongside the British High Commissioner- Guy Warrington on Thursday
17th August 2017 donated 1,000 Units of Solar lanterns as support from the British government to the Office of National
Security (ONS) for the displaced survivors of the 14th August Mudslide and Flooding disaster.
Speaking during the handing over, Amb. Henry Macauley said the donation was part of government’s efforts to provide
electricity for the displaced victims and rescue workers who are working relentlessly to remove dead bodies underneath
the mud and rubble in the disaster hit areas. He noted that each solar unit light uses five watts and can retain power for
up to 10 hours. He reaffirmed that this would serve as a morale booster for the operation of the rescue workers working
at night adding that “More donations will be given whenever the need arises”, the Energy Minister assured.
The British High Commissioner - Guy Warrington confirmed that the support was from the British Government, noting
that the Queen, Prince Charles, the British Prime Minister and the Foreign Minister are deeply concerned for the mudslide
and flooding that erupted in Sierra Leone.
He considered the donation as a first step towards Britain’s support to the government of Sierra Leone, and at the same
time considered it very important for the government in intensifying its rescue operations in various disaster hit areas.
Receiving the donations, the National Security Coordinator in the Office of National Security ONS, Ishmael Tawarallie,
commended both Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Energy with UK Government support Donates
1,000 Units of Solar Lanterns to ONS for Mudslide and Flood
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