In Correcting Misleading Information In The Media, PEC
Apologises To Minister Of Energy
By Ahmed Fonike.
On Monday 21st November 2016, the head of PEC Sierra Leone, Mr. Malador Sowe, his executive and Media friends streamed into
the office of the Minister of Energy, Ambassador Henry Macauley to apologize for all the misleading information and allegations
through malice against the Minister on different daily Newspapers in Freetown on the six months Pilot contract between EDSA and
PEC Sierra Leone.
The Minister quickly invited his Deputy Minister, Ing. Alhaji Hassan Barrie, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry, Mrs Zainab
Buya-Kamara and the Counterpart Director General of EDSA, Ing. Alhaji Timbo, to his office in order to hear from the visitors
contrary to what the visitors expected (hostility).
The CEO of PEC, Mr. Malador Sowe in a state of remorse in front of the Minister first rigmarolled around the issue and then hit the
nail on the head ‘Mr. Minister we are very sorry for the misleading information and allegations levied against you on the issue’, he
stated. His executive members and Media friends from Global Times, Standard Times and others repeated one after the other ‘We
are sorry Mr. Minister’, they altered. CEO Malador then exposed the unprofessionalism of some Media houses ‘I did not grant
interview that they could not have investigated. They just grasped the opportunity to write things based on what they heard’, he

In her short statement, the Permanent secretary, Mrs  Buya- kamara stated that the Ministry of Energy is for everybody and that young
Sierra Leoneans like Mr. Malador Sowe and colleagues  are highly encouraged under the local content policy but must not misuse the
opportunity. In an angry mood, PS continued that the unguided and misinformation from various media houses just to smear the
Minister’s image which was very bad. She reminded the PEC CEO that it was this Minister who took PEC’s proposal to the Board of
Directors of EDSA and stood firm for it as young Sierra Leoneans to be tried in investing in the energy sector. Mrs. Buya-Kamara
stressed that she has not seen a Minister so humble and down to the earth like Amb. Henry Macauley adding that the Minister is so
open to all persons to his fault. She said may be it was because of that open door policy of the Minister that some people want to
take advantage of.
Deputy Minister, Hassan Barrie stated that he was shocked by the behavior of PEC and their media friends who could not even ask
the Ministry’s side for one moment. He lamented that young investors must have respect for others especially senior public officials in
the country.
In his reaction, the humble Minister made a short statement ‘I started building my reputation far back in the 80s which some people
are trying to damage. So I look forward to the repair work on the side of you who sent my image to be damaged by the media. The
repair I suggest should be done by the same Media houses’. Minister Macauley concluded that the amount of repair work would be
determined by the Ministry as to whether the apology was genuine or not.
PEC CEO, Mr. Malador Sowe gave assurance that his Media friends will try as hard as possible to clean the image of the Minister
‘For the fact that Mr. Minister you felt disrespected, I will do all I can alongside my media friends that published allegations against you
for the past three weeks to  clean your image. It is a promise that we are going to do retractions by whatever means Mr. Minister’, he

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