By Ahmed Fonike
The Ministry of Energy has held a one day Ebola Recovery Development workshop with an International
projects implementation firm known as McKinsey at the Ministry’s Conference Hall in Freetown on
Saturday 12th September 2015.
Launching the workshop, the Minister of Energy- Amb. Macauley stated that the rationale for the
workshop was to speed up the laudable key projects the Ministry had planned towards achieving the
1000MW installed capacity goal set by President Koroma for a period of 5 years. He continued that the
Energy Sector is very crucial in the post Ebola program as the target/goal is not a fiction but a reality if the
funds are available and things are done right. The Minister furthered that the Ministry has done an Energy
Strategic Plan 2014 - 2017 which provides a smooth way to achieving the set target (1000MW). He
stressed on good planning for which he said can make the Energy sector not to lose money and reputation
adding that proper planning for the Ebola earned Sierra Leone the highest pledges in the post Ebola meeting
in America. So, sharing the Ministry’s plan with McKinsey firm can foster speedy implementation.
The Ministry’s Project Delivery Manager- Ngozi Beckley-Lines provided as expected, all the required
information about all projects and facilitated the workshop to the impression of Mckinsey Firm and
satisfaction of the Ministers. McKinsey Experts who are in the Ministry to help deliver projects in a faster
rate presented a detailed package as a kick-off delivery, Alignment on data and Status quo under which the
introduction, objectives and the principles of implementation for 24 months in line with the post Ebola
Recovery Program which started in July 2015 were discussed.

Author: Thomas J. Bindi
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