By Ahmed Fonike.
The Ministry of Energy has initiated and prepared a concept paper to discourage the huge level of seepages or illegalities
in all the utilities in Sierra Leone which has been welcomed and backed by the Office of the Attorney General and Minister
of Justice and the Anti- Corruption Commission (ACC).
The Minister of Energy - Amb. Henry Macauley and team (Deputy Minister Osmond Hanciles, Former Deputy Minister 1,
now at the Internal Affairs - Maj. I. S Koroma, the President’s Recovery Priorities team from State House) visited and
presented  to the Attorney General an inter- Ministerial Framework Concept paper to clamp down on enemies of the nation
in both the public utilities and outside the utilities for defrauding the people of the country. According to the Minister, it is
no more a hiding thing that public officials in the utilities just defraud the nation and go scot free after having their ways out
of the law court or CID.  He continued that this is not good for the country as it will always derail development at all angles.
The vibrant Minister furthered that as a determined Ministry that wants to make a difference, his team of various
stakeholders in the Energy sector has decided to initiate the idea of seriously punishing defaulters and public enemies of
the nation especially in the energy sector. He therefore solicits the greatest support of the Attorney General’s office and
ACC for the legal aspect and speedy implementation at all angles.

Other members of the team like the Deputy Ministers - Osmond Hanciles and Maj. Sengu Koroma who is all the time
personate to see that the system in the energy sector is clean made contributions. Also Madam Millicent and Mr. Derick
Williams from State House‘s President Recovery Priorities made meaningful contributions.
In his response, the dynamic Attorney General and Minister of Justice - Lawyer Joseph Kamara stated that he was
gratified and happy to get an initiative like this from a public Institution like the Ministry of Energy. He said bridging the
impunity gap where in many defaulters actually go unpunished is a plague in the country and his president frowns on that.

The outspoken AG continued that he has been canvasing a gate keeper position as patriot for long in this country but has
paid no dividend. For him, he said there is no doubt a clear understanding between the two Ministries and so, has no
problem in giving support to his colleague Minister of Energy to clamp down on public and perineal enemies who sabotage
the government and wreck the nation at will. He stated that these people must be hunted as there has to be a baseline of
accountability. He was quick to warn that the initiative is fine but there must not be any sacred cows in the execution of the
concept paper at all as he is all prepared to deeply involve the ACC, attach some investigative Lawyers to the project, and
for the speedy aspect will assign special Magistrates and courts for this project. He commended president Koroma for the
leadership in the Energy sector. ‘Once we have started, we have to push hard and no turning back’, he stated. The AG
also advised on training through workshops to equip all concerned to stand the test of time.
Author: Thomas J. Bindi
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