The Country Manager of UNOPs, Nicholas Gardner said that the Rural Renewable Energy project is a four year program
aimed at providing electrification to over one hundred villages including households, businesses and community health
centres across the country. He noted that each solar mini grid would produce six kilowatt of power supply 24 hours per
day, adding that this remarkable improvement would also improve the medical facilities of CHCs and in extension, enable
medical staff to be more efficient in their duties. In order to ensure the sustainability of the solar mini grids, he called for
proper care of the facilities.
Meanwhile, the Minster of Energy, Amb Henry Macauley noted that the implementation of this project is a key to the
Presidential Recovery Priority on energy.  He reiterated that the first phase of the project is meant to electrify all CHCs in
all district headquarter towns. Elaborating on the benefit of the solar mini grids, he disclosed that the electrification of
CHCs would ensure that medical drugs would retain their potencies and enable medical staff to carry out minor
operations without intermittent power supply. He took into consideration the economic benefit of the solar mini grid,
noting that it would reduce the expenditure of CHCs in utilizing other source of electricity. He reaffirmed his commitment
to provide reliable, affordable and sustainable energy to the people of Sierra Leone. He further congratulated all major
partners including DFID, UNOPS, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development for their
major steps towards ensuring the successful implementation of the project.  
Ministry of Energy establishes Solar
Electrification of Community Health Centres
By Lahai Kpaka
Following the funding by DFID on the Rural Renewable Energy Project through the support of the Minstry of Energy to
increase energy accessibility for public service, the Ministry of Energy has embarked on electrifying soar mini grid
installations in Community Health Centres (CHCs) in various provincial district headquarter towns across the country.  
Speaking at the opening ceremony at Mambolo Chiefdom in the Kambia District, the head of DFID, Simon Keeny disclosed
that the  Rural Renewable Energy project encompasses three phases, noting that the switching on of the solar mini grids of
CHCs is the first phase. He intimated that improving access to energy is a key of the Presidential Recovery Priority. He
expressed satisfaction over the implementation of the project which according to him, “I am delighted that UK Aid is able
today to pledge £34.5 million to improve rural electrification in support of the Government of Sierra Leone’s efforts to
improve energy access for rural communities as part of our £240 million commitment to the recovery,” he disclosed.
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