By Ahmed Fonike
On 31st October 2016, the Ministry of Energy signed an electricity generation agreement with CEC consortium for more
electricity supply in the Western Area in the presence of key stakeholders including the Minister of Finance and Economic
Development, Mr. Momodu Kargbo and the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mr. Joseph F. Kamara at the Ministry
of Finance in Freetown.
Before the Minister of Finance, the Attorney General and Minister and the Copper belt Energy Corporation (C.E.C)
Consortium, Ambassador Henry Macauley thanked all stakeholders including the Public-Private Partnership Unit, other
Independent Power Producers, MoE, the Attorney General and Finance Minister for their efforts in supporting the energy
sector. He reminded all present that the signing of the CEC agreement is in line with the 2014 Unbundling process of NPA in
which the private sector is encouraged to participate in the energy sector as government cannot do it all. He continued that
electricity belongs to everybody and so, it is everybody’s business. Amb. Macauley further threw light on the reviewed tariff
for which he said has some challenges with the public but needs to be done for EDSA not to sink down, adding that electricity is
not cheap in any part of the world. The Minister spoke of the agreement with the Management Contractor recently signed, in
which the contractor will soon work with EDSA for a period of three years in making EDSA more viable in the world of
EDSA, he said must be encouraged to stand on its own as a strong public entity and not to rely on government all the time for
carrying its financial burdens. Minister Macauley also spoke about the MoU among ministries signed about electricity theft
recently and alerted the public to be community watchers for defaulters.
In his contribution, the Minister Finance and Economic development commended the Ministry of Energy and stakeholders
for their efforts and anticipated that by 2018, the project must have been formerly launched.
The Director of CEC Africa in Sierra Leone, Karim Nasser expressed satisfaction on the side of government through the
Ministry of Energy and was optimistic that the project will be well implemented.
The colorful signing occasion was chaired by the Development Secretary, Mr. John Sumaila whose opening remarks that the
project is going to cover the entire Western Region and EDSA is going to be the off taker of the project.
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