The head of the company delegation, Mr. John Bairoh expressed that the team was impressed by the briefing of both the Technical Adviser of the Ministry, Dr. Patrick Tarawalli and the Ministers. Technical Partrick Tarawalli told the team earlier     that he had facilitated the document and his team is prepared to work with the company. Mr. Bairoh continued that they are here to see all possible areas of intervention in the renewable energy. His other team members anticipated the use of garbage/waste, hybrid biogas and solar into electricity. The team has embarked on a tour with the Ministry officials, its Agencies and SLEIPA top management across the country.
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By Ahmed Fonike
Sierra Leone’s High Commissioner to Britain (Hon. Eddie Turay) on Monday 2nd October 2017 through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation arrived at the Ministry of Energy with a high delegation of investors on Electricity (mainly Renewable Energy). Briefing the Ministry, Hon. Eddie Turay said he oversees other countries added to Britain and in fulfilling President Koroma’s Agenda For Prosperity, he had been talking to a renowned renewable company in Finland known as NOCART which is specialized in Renewable Energy to come to Sierra Leone and invest in the sector since the sector has been unbundled giving opportunity to the private sector as key players. He continued that enough electricity supply in any nation forms the bedrock of development of that nation and so after a while, the team is here to see and find areas of intervention in the electricity supply.
The Deputy Minister 1, Alhaji  Hassan Barrie who chaired, gave a brief overview of the energy sector and partners in Sierra Leone.  He simplified the renewable aspect and its expansion across the country adding that with the unbundling of the energy sector, a regulator has been created to salvage the electricity supply situation.
Energy Minister, Amb. Henry Macauley in his statement told the team that the Ministry has come across so many proposals from investors worth about 7,000 Mw but there is hardly a serious deal to close. This he said goes with funding as the energy sector has moved from government base to business models with investors well encouraged. ‘We need therefore to look at what is realistic, available and sustainable’, the Minister said. He continued that the Ministry of Finance and Economic Development is also highly needed in this initial planning to grasp any financial model for the project.  Minister Macauley suggested the containerizing of solar electricity up country thereby decentralizing electricity could also be viable as there is already a foundation on that by UNOPS.
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