By Lahai Kpaka
The Ministry of Energy through the Energy Access project has bought four transformers with a total cost of One Million Eight Hundred Thousand
United State dollars which were handed over to the Ministry by one of the largest shipping companies in the world notably, the CMA CGM
AFRICA shipping Company at the Bollore landing site at the Queen Elizabeth II Quay in Freetown. 
The transformers delivered are for the Energy Access project to aid in boosting up the most impending priorities of Sierra Leone’s power sector
with the aim to increase the transfer capacity of the transmission and distribution system, turning around EDSA’s operational and commercial
performance and to support the electricity access in Freetown.  
Receiving the delivery order from the CMA CGM AFRICA shipping Company, the Minister of Energy, Amb. Henry Macauley disclosed that the
transformers include a 40MVA transformer which could be connected to the 161 transmission power station at the Kingtom to step down the
transmission to 33 volt and another three 20MVA transformers; each would be installed at Wilberforce, Ropoti and Wellington respectively within
the Western area.
According to the Minister, “the aim of installing the transformers is to provide backup to reduce the blackout and at the same time increase quality
connectivity of network to customers,” he confirmed. He noted that as the Ministry’s priority is to improve the electricity supply in the country, “the
generation aspect will also be improved simultaneously,” he added. In this regard, he noted that the installation of these transformers would cater for
industrial and manufacturing growth in the Eastern area of Freetown as well as enhanced economic growth for the local population in the Western
He expressed his appreciation to the Energy Access project in particular and DFID, World Bank and other stakeholders as well for being
supportive to the energy sector in the country.
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