By Ahmed Fonike.
Tuesday 10th May 2016 marked another remarkable day for the development of Sierra Leone in general and the
Energy sector in particular as an Energy Revolution on Renewable Energy (Solar) was officially launched by President
Koroma alongside his Minister of Energy, Ambassador Ing. Henry O. Macauley in Freetown.
‘Energy Revolution’ is an initiative of the Ministry of Energy  (MoE) greatly supported by President Koroma who is
poised and  committed to leaving an Energy legacy for the people of Sierra Leone. The rationale for this is for
Renewable Energy (Solar) groups to showcase their ability, anticipate and solicit support and partnership for
expansion especially to the rural areas. Many Sierra Leoneans don’t know about Solar Energy projects except the
Barefoot Women’s Solar College at Konta Line in PortLoko District. In the exhibition, many other Solar light projects
like EFA, Juan Energy, PRESSD, Power for All etc. displayed their solar facilities.
The Ministry of Energy is currently above 100 MW nationwide when the thermals, Hydro plants and Solar Systems
put together.
During the launching of the Energy Revolution, the Minister of Energy, Ambassador Henry Macauley gave a
flashback that the president asked him to leave the ambassadorial position in Abuja - Nigeria to come and serve in
another capacity as Minister of Energy back home in 2014 for some reasons.  These reasons include, the Energy
sector at that time needed a seasoned electrical engineer to propel the sector in the right direction. The sector with a
commercial section also needed a business oriented Minister to stabilize the revenue collection aspect and the
Energy sector again needed a diplomat who can conveniently deal with the sector’s International partners and
investors. And all these qualities were found in Ambassador Henry Macauley. The Minister further anticipated that
off-grid systems under the Solar panels can positive impact to the lives of many Sierra Leoneans living in the rural
areas. He called on all present to have an inspection of the Solar opportunities after the launching displayed outside
the hall. He spoke of the nearest future actions on Solar systems on the pipe line like the 6 MW solar park project at
Newton and the 5 MW solar Era Firm project in Bo District all to be included to the main grid early next year.  Energy
minister, Ambassador Henry Macaulay, described President Koroma as the biggest supporter of energy generation,
adding that the power grid has increased rapidly and it is extending transmission to every part of the country. He
disclosed that government is also constructing mini power hydro projects to further increase access and generate
power to benefit everyone, and noted that energy revolution should go with community ownership and hence the
involvement of paramount chiefs.
The Minister thanked DFID, ASI and SOBA for funding and organizing the Energy Revolution Event for the Country.
A representative of UK government, Nick Hurd in his short statement said Sierra Leone in deed has success stories
to tell in the era of President Koroma.  He continued that the Energy Revolution newly launched is fundamental to
the lives of Sierra Leoneans in promoting their children’s education and so, the people should work hard with
government to achieve the Universal Access to Energy by 2030. He was delighted to pronounce that Sierra Leone
has been the first country in Africa to sign a Compact agreement with UK. This Compact has a package of projects
especially for Entrepreneurs within the country. So, business people should grab this opportunity for economic
Before launching the Energy Revolution in Freetown, president Koroma delivered a keynote address wherein he
made a recap of the Energy status upon his assumption of office in 2007. He said his government met just 20 MW
of electricity to serve the entire nation but now, more than 100 MW with an anticipated rapid increase in the near
future can be found in the sector. With a fair knowledge of the challenges in the energy sector, president Koroma 
was quick to say that for a sustainable and affordable electricity, a comprehensive approach is unavoidable ( the
use of all energy sources in the country and partnering with the private sector). He spoke of the regulations
embedded in the Compact Agreement document. President Koroma then promised the nation that before he
leaves office, he would make sure that all Chiefdom headquarter towns and villages access electricity supply. He
called it ‘From 20 MW to Power to All by 2020’ as a legacy for the people of Sierra Leone. The president then
officially launched the Energy Revolution and the Minister of Energy; Ambassador Henry Macauley then signed the
Compact Agreement document with the UK representative, Nick Hurd in a colorful atmosphere.

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