By Fonike & Lahai
The Minister of Energy, Amb. Henry Macualey has updated the Energy Sector partners on the status of the numerous projects in
the sector. The fourth Roundtable meeting which attracted so many partners across the country took place at the Ministry of
Finance and Economic Development Conference Hall in Freetown on Tuesday 6th of December, 2016.
Participants from various organizations included representatives of DFID, World Bank, EU, JICA, The Chinese Government,
President Recovery Project Team and some Local Partners. The Minister in his presentation updated partners on planned
Generation, Planned Transmission, The Energy Sector Tracker and the Presidential Recovery Project in the Energy Sector.
Under Planned Generation, he spoke of the projected demands, addition and generation shortfall 2014 - 2020. Under Planned
Transmission which is proposed interventions contain projected Transmission and Distribution Expansion. Minister Macauley
further deliberated on the projects spanning from 2016 to the projected status of 2019 adding that the Presidential Recovery
Project has some plans for the Energy sector. The key areas include increasing access from 125,000 - 250,000 households
especially in Renewable Energy. Another key result area is to increase generation capacity from 75 MW - 150 MW.
Questions, answers and clarifications from Partners, EDSA and the Ministry formed the high point of the Roundtable meeting.
Among the issues raised by the Minister were the challenges faced by the Ministry with foreign partners in the area of speeding the
projects due to the required standards.

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