Minister of Energy Commissions New High Spec Shield
Wire Transformer for Makeni in Bumbuna
By Ahmed Fonike
The Minister of Energy, Ambassador Henry Macauley has on Saturday February 11, 2017, commissioned a brand new 8MVA
Shield Wire Transformer at Bumbuna Hydro Power Plant, thereby restoring 24hrs electricity to Bumbuna Town and Makeni Town.
It will be recalled that in October of last year, heavy lightning had struck the 5MVA Transformer which provided the power supply to
Makeni and Bumbuna Township, thereby disrupting this service. The Ministry had deployed thermal plants to provide interim power
supply but with the growing demand at Bumbuna Town and Makeni, there were still challenges with maintaining constant and total
supply. Fortunately, the Ministry had ordered the larger and better transformers since April of last year, which led to their arrival and
installation now.
There was much jubilation at Bumbuna Town and in Makeni at this development. On a related note, the Ministry has also confirmed
that more villages will be connected to shield wire transformers once the West African Power Pool (WAPP) line is constructed as
part of the rural
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