BY Lahai Kpaka
The Minister of Energy, Amb. Henry Macauley on Monday 5th December 2016 invited the outgoing interim Board of EDSA to thank them
for their diligent services and sacrifices they had made when they were in office. In attendance were the Deputy Minister I, Ing. Alhaji
Hassan Barrie, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, Mrs. Zainab Buya-Kamara, the interim Board of  Directors, Mr. Med Abu
and Madam Tunde Morgan.
The Minister however informed the outgoing Interim Body that President Koroma has just appointed a substantive statutory body
according to the Electricity Act of 2011. This statutory Body comprises of nominees from various institutions like the Association of
Engineers, Sierra Leone Chamber of Commerce, Association of Manufacturers, Ministry of Finance, Consumer Protection Agency and the
Ministry of Energy.
The Minister of Energy, Amb. Henry Macauley entreated the outgoing interim body that they would be called by the Ministry from time to
time as curbed members to share their experience and expertise with the ministry.
In her statement, one of the Directors of the outgoing interim body, Madam Tunde Morgan said they were happy and thanked H.E Ernest
Bai Koroma and the Ministry of Energy for the opportunity given to them to serve in the energy sector. She continued that they are well
aware of the significance of the Energy sector for the development of the country. She concluded that they are always prepared to offer
their services to the Ministry of Energy when called upon. 
It could be recalled that three months ago, the former board of EDSA was dissolved by H.E Ernest Bai Koroma which was replaced by an
interim body of five members as care takers of the board. This all in turn has been recently replaced by a statutory body as the Act
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