By Ahmed Fonike
Monday 27th November 2017 marked another milestone in the Renewable Energy of the Energy sector in Sierra Leone, as the Minister of Energy, Amb. Henry Macauley received  a detailed feasibility study report of the 16 MW Hydro dam for Moyamba at the New Brookfield’s Hotel in Freetown.
The long awaited study was done by UNIDO which organised the workshop to formally present the study that has undergone so many stages of the required process. After short meaningful statements from Paramount Chiefs - Robert Coker Seilolo 111 of Bangruwa Chiefdom and PC John J. Russell NYama 111 of Lower Banta Chiefdom, all in Moyamba District, a statement on the overview, grid connections, ESIA, Legal Aspects etc. of the Singimi hydro was made by the National Coordinator of UNIDO, Dr. Kelleh Mansaray. In his power point presentation, he was able to showcase 6 villages that will be affected by the project and that will need relocation, the statement also covered the 105 million US dollars for the entire project as the study shows that the dam is going to be expanded to 16 MW instead of the 10 MW initially proposed. Dr. Mansaray further explained the three thematic areas that attract UNIDO support - the eradication of poverty (wealth creation) in which the organisation is providing technology of Agro processes across the country. Trade Capacity - UNIDO provides in this area entrepreneurship and Marine training Institute in Sierra Leone. It also involves the infrastructural development of the Sierra Leone Standard Bureau. Energy Production - facilitation of Renewable Energy like hydro and solar grids.
Delivering his keynote address before receiving the study report, the Minister of Energy, Amb. Henry Macaulay thanked all stakeholders for the effort adding that the delay for the study was due to certain steps that needed to be done properly. He expressed the mandate of the Ministry which he said is to provide electricity to all. He said electricity is practical and measurable to the people and so, the sustainability is key. He dilated on the importance of the Moyamba hydro to the people. Upon receiving the document, the Minister assured all present that the technical team of the Ministry would look at the document and construction will soon commence.

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