By Ahmed Fonike
The Minister of Energy, Amb. Henry Macauley has on Friday the 9th of December, 2016 met with the new board of EDSA during a
welcome meeting at the Ministry of Energy.
He welcomed the board members by congratulating them on their new appointment. He encouraged them to tackle the task of
EDSA with impartiality and high level of seriousness and patriotism, adding that as the responsibility of EDSA is to purchase and
supply electricity to customers, he emphasized that the ministry would continue to accompanied it until it grow stronger.
He elaborated on the changes made so far, noting that there has been a transformation from consumer to customer service in its
system of operation.  He stated that amidst daunting period, EDSA was able to contract additional power without government
intervention. As a result, he emphasized that the business of EDSA needs the support of all and sundry in the country.
He took cognizance of the independence of EDSA , which according to him “the electricity act of 2011 stipulates that the minister is
supposed to ensure that there is sustainability of electricity supply,” he stated.
He further took into consideration the mandate of H.E Ernest Bai Koroma to increase electricity supply from 100MW to 1,000MW
across the country. In relation to this project, he disclosed to board members that they have developed an Energy Sector Strategy
that comprises ongoing projects as well as the ones that would be accelerated with the aim to achieve  the President’s mandate in the
energy sector.       
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