Ongoing activities
The following three components are activities that are being carried out:
Component I: Rehabilitation of Primary Distribution Network, Loss Reduction and Improvement of EDSA’s
Operational and Commercial Performance.
Component II: Rural Electrification.
Component III: Project Implementation Management.

Brief details of funding Partners: The entire Project of 18Million is financed under the SLIDF. The SLIDF is
administered by the World Bank based on an Administration Agreement (AA) entered into with DFID, which spells
out terms and conditions of the Trust Fund, including activities and categories of expenditures eligible for financing.

Staff of the Project
The Project Management Unit has following staff headed by Director, PMU
General Project Coordinator(GPC),Financial Management Specialist, Procurement Specialist,  Supervisor Engineer,
Rural Engg Coordinator, Environmental and Social Development Specialist, Public Relations/Communications
Specialist, Financial Management Assistant, Finance Officer, Secretary to PMU Directorate

The Energy Access Project (EAP) has been designed for implementation with the objective to help mitigate the most  
critical bottlenecks that prevent power services from being adequately expanded. Bottlenecks are of three kinds:  
(i) Reduce losses in electricity supply in Freetown Capital Western Area;  
(ii) improve commercial performance of the National Power Authority (NPA); and  
(iii) increase access to electricity in selected rural areas.

The Project beneficiaries will be:  
(i) the electricity customers of NPA, who will benefit from the Project through improved and more reliable electricity  
service; and  
(ii) the residents of the rural villages where photovoltaic systems will be installed on public buildings, who will benefit  
from better living standards due to improved health care and education services.  Overall, the Project will contribute to  
enhance management, operation and financial viability of the electricity sector, thus laying solid foundations for  
expanding electricity services to Sierra Leone’s people and firms. Also, the piloting of photovoltaic systems in selected  
villages will form the basis for scaling up access to modern and sustainable energy services in rural areas.  
Author: Thomas J. Bindi
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Energy Access Project
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