Following the Energy Compact agreement between the Government of Sierra Leone and the United Kingdom to access Universal
Renewable Energy, the Ministry of Energy has certified trained Solar Technicians from all Districts at the Barefoot Women Solar
College on Friday 30th September 2016.
The Solar Technicians were trained by an India Company called Angelique International Ltd to primarily specialize in solar
installation on street lights as well as in homes, and to also embark on solar maintenance across the country.
Witnessing the Certification ceremony, the Deputy Secretary 1 in the Ministry of Energy, Mr. Komba Momoh who chaired the
certification ceremony stated in his opening remarks that the Ministry considers Local Councils very instrumental in implementing
government projects and it is in this vain that the ministry involves the Councils to claim ownership. He intimated the trained
technicians that they had been nominated to implement the devolved assignment on behalf of the Councils and therefore
admonished them to be serious in implementing their assignment. 
He noted that as the world is focusing on renewable energy, the Government of Sierra Leone has launched a Renewable Energy
Revolution to create local and international investment opportunities in solar energy for renewable energy to become affordable and
sustainable.  He therefore encouraged the private sector to take the lead.
He disclosed that upon launching the Energy Revolution, the Ministry was asked to install Two Thousand Five Hundred (2,500)
Solar Home Systems across the country. He cited the Rural Electrification Project which according to him would be implemented in
all the 149 Chiefdoms in the country.
The Director of Energy, Ing. Benjamin Kamara who delivered the keynote address and presented certificates to the trained
technicians on behalf of the Minister, pinpointed the confidence of the ministry in empowering the human resource sector taking into
consideration vision to maintain sustainability of developmental programs. He therefore commended the Minister for devolving such
project to the various councils to claim ownership.
He expressed his gratitude for meeting with the trained technicians noting that they are now considered as ambassadors in their
various Chiefdoms. He called on them to impact the knowledge on to others so that they could be specialised in the maintenance and
installation of solar panels in homes as well as street lights.
He emphasized that the energy compact signed by the Government of Sierra Leone is to revolutionise the energy mind set of Sierra
Leoneans especially people in the provincial towns who had inculcated the native idea of deforestation and the burning of charcoal as
a means of energy to consider solar as a clean renewable energy.          
He maintained that the ministry would continue to promote, stimulate and sustain the energy market through investment in
renewable energy. He furthered that with the investment of solar energy, “it will envisage environmental stewardship, sustainable
growth and poverty alleviation”, he affirmed.   He encouraged the trained technicians to maintain close tie with women at Barefoot
Solar College.
The Head of the Barefoot Women Solar College, Madam Nancy Kanu lauded the ministry for implementing such a project. She
encouraged the ministry to ensure effective monitoring system on the councils, noting that trained technicians should inculcate the
idea of reporting any theft or damage to their various councils especially when theft on solar panels has become common in the
provincial areas.
She said that most of the solar street lights have been covered by trees and as a result, most of them have been damaged and need
maintenance. She therefore admonished the trained technicians to accurately maintenance damaged panels and at the same time be
highly vigilant when executing their jobs in their various Districts to prevent solar theft.
One of the trained technicians, Alusine Mans-kay from Kenema District stated that he had learnt new skills on renewable energy
and such skills would enable him to effectively install and conduct maintenance on solar panels.
He made a clarion call on government to continue to do similar projects which according to him would help create employment for
youths across the country.  “We are proud to be considered as ambassadors of renewable energy in our Chiefdoms”, he poised. He
thanked Angelique International Company for conducting the training and Ministry of Energy for pioneering the project.
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