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Ministry of Energy
24 Brook Street/49 Waterloo Street
Sierra Leone
TEL: +232 76 362654 / +232 76 369538

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Supply, Installation and Commissioning of Transmission and Distribution Materials and Equipment for Provincial Towns in Sierra Leone     Date Issue: 2nd June 2014
Supply, Install and Commissioning of Diesel-Operated Generating Engines and Ancillaries for Provincial Towns in Sierra Leone                    Date Issue: 2nd June 2014
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About the Ministry

The primary responsibility of the Ministry is to formulate and implement policies, projects and programmes on
energy and provide oversight functions across the entire energy supply chain for all sub-sector agencies (which
include electricity production, electricity transmission, electricity distribution and supply) and other forms of
energy supply and utilisation.
The supply of electricity is the responsibility of the Electricity Distribution and Supply Authority (EDSA) whilst
that of generation of electricity is the responsibility of the Electricity Generation and Transmission Company
To create an enabling environment for the provision of modern energy services for increased productivity,
wealth creation and improved quality of life for all Sierra Leoneans.
Develop policies and programmes for the provision of energy (electrical and otherwise) in an adequate affordable
and sustainable basis to the entire population of Sierra Leone.
The Ministry of Energy is headed politically by the Minister of Energy, Henry O Macauley and deputised by Alhaji
Hassan Barrie (Deputy Minister I) and Osmond Hanciles (Deputy Minister II).
The administrative head in the Ministry is the Permanent Secretary, Mrs Zainab Buya-Kamara who is also
deputised by Deputy Scretaries Komba Momoh and Emmanuel Junisa. The Ministry also has a Professional wing,
the Energy Directorate, which is headed by the Director of Energy, Ing. Benjamin Kamara. You can find the entire
structure of the Ministry on the Organogram webpage.
The Ministry has over the years being housed on the fourth floor of the Electricity House, Siaka Stevens Street in
Freetown but due to the recent fire incident, the Ministry has had to relocate temporarily to the top floor of 24
Brook Street.

Ministry of Energy Service Charter
Sierra Leone Energy Africa Compact
Energy Strategic Plan
Sierra Leone Energy Profile
Investing in Sierra Leone
National Electricity Act
Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Act
National Energy Policy
EDSA Prepaid Meter Form
ECOWAS Protocol
Summarised Guidelines of Pre-Qualification Energy Project Proposals
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MoE Webmail
MoE Webmail
Minister of Energy debunks allegations by journalist
levied against the Ministry concerning issues over
EDSA and Aggrego during "Clear the Air" press

The Minister of Energy and team have on Friday the 9th
of September embarked on a conducted tour of the
Western Area energy Sub-stations and sites

The Ministry of Energy has initiated and prepared a
concept paper to discourage the huge level of

Wednesday 17th August 2016 marked another
important milestone in the Energy Sector as various
Ministries participated in the signing of an Inter-
ministerial Electricity Crime Framework

Government of Sierra Leone signs 78 Million US dollar
loan agreement with the Exim Bank of India for the
construction of the Bumbuna to Freetown transmission
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